Impressionen vom TFFO Nr.1, das am 19.9.2021 in Platkow stattfand.


Some impressions from TFFO no.1 in September 2021.

Photos taken by Josua Grawitter & Mélanie Bruneteau

Impressionen vom TFFB Nr. 4, das vom 21.-23.02. 2020 stattfand.


Some impressions from TFFB no. 4 in February 2020.

made by Maciej Sowilski

© photos made by Maciej Sowilski

Impressionen vom TFFB Nr. 3, das vom 15.-17.02. 2019 stattfand.


Some impressions from TFFB no. 3 in February 2019.

© photos made by Adam Benda and Marina Uebel

Hier einige Impressionen vom TFFB - Tanz & Folk Festival Berlin - No.1, das vom 19.-21.05.2017 stattfand.


Some retrospections of the Berlin festival TFFB No.1 in May 2017.

© photos made by Andrew Walbran and Andrea Hotzko

© video made by WeTeK, Berlin